Exams seem so far away, and the students are just starting to get ready for their mock GCSEs and A-Levels. Maybe the results will be out a few weeks later, and the worst happens..! The marks are lower than expected and panic sets in! Can the teacher do something? How about the form tutor? Then the search begins for a private tutor, that Google-minefield of unknown names and businesses. Parents ask other parents, students ask other students. Before they know it, weeks have passed and there isn’t much time left before exams! Finally a private tutor is found, and they are asked to work miracles; teach a year or two’s worth of material in 6 weeks or less!

Okay, that may be a bit much, but the reality is that students who will benefit from a private tutor need support long before the exam-panic sets in. Last-minute tutoring is like a cramming session, and has limited benefit. Sure, some support right before the exams can help students organize their revision, get a better exam strategy, and boost confidence. But that only works for students with a good grasp of the material.

Students who are having a bit, or a lot, of trouble with coursework need more than a few final weeks with a tutor. Instead, tutoring throughout the year, or even the last term, is essential. Why? The classroom setting is not always ideal for every student. Perhaps they don’t understand something, but have no time to ask questions. Or maybe they are too shy to raise their hand. Maybe they just don’t get enough practice. Teachers have a limited time withh each student, and a limited time to get through a required set of coursework. Parents are not always equipped to answer questions about homework. You can’t leave all of the unanswered questions until the last minute. A tutor is there to help explain things as they come up, keeping the student up-to-date with the material. Many subjects build on previous material throughout the year, so continual support will keep a student from falling behind. 

The goal of JLO Tutoring is to help students gain a good understanding of the material, a focus on comprehension. When a student understands the material, they are better prepared to answer exam questions.

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