Primary School and Transfer Tests

Primary School tutoring
Primary school is where young learners first get to grips with important educational concepts but also begin to learn how to learn. There is a lot to take in during those early years. Each child is different: some take to the classroom environment easily, some do not adapt quite so readily and need a little extra support.

Private home tuition, particularly in key subjects like Mathematics, can help your child master the underlying concepts and principles they will need. My tutoring method is to focus on understanding and to work with your child so that a partnership is established which is comfortable and relaxed in a way that can’t be achieved in the classroom. Together, we will uncover where the difficulties in the curriculum lie and approach them in a friendly and encouraging way.

Transfer Test preparation
Transfer Tests can put unwelcome pressure on your child. The tests – AQE and GL – place an emphasis on the application of what has been learned. Knowing how to approach the test papers is useful additional knowledge that complements pure subject knowledge itself.

The best preparation for these tests is achieved by ensuring your child has the confidence to sit each paper armed with a core understanding of the subjects coupled with experience of how to approach answering the questions.

I will work with your child to:
• build up their knowledge of the subject areas; and
• equip them with answering strategies.

This will boost their confidence and help them focus on giving their best at test time.

“Jessica has been preparing my son Jay for his AQE. I would definitely recommend. She’s patient, very pleasant, good listener and has taken on board any problems Jay has and works hard to help him understand and work through his problems. Thanks Jessica!!”

Contact me
Please contact me using the form, or give me a call on 07932304438 to discuss your child’s needs. I will be happy to work with you.