Secondary School and GCSEs

Secondary school tutoring
Secondary school is a distinct change of educational gear for young people. The transition to ‘big’ school can be challenging and distracting and the close association children can feel with their primary teachers can be lost as they are part of a larger, more anonymous environment.

Private home tutoring in Science subjects and Maths can help individual children make up ground or tackle problematical areas in these subjects before they become an actual problem. My approach is a personalised one in which we work together through concepts and principles to arrive at understanding. I can also coach your child in general study skills, applicable to all subjects.

GSCE tutoring
The GCSE exams are, arguably, the most important ones young people face. They help determine further study options at AS/A level and the core subjects – particularly Maths – may form minimum requirements for some career or employment options. I can provide help at any stage in the GCSE Science or Maths curricula.

I will work one-to-one with your child in preparing specifically for the GCSEs in Science and Maths to give them a solid grounding in the curriculum that is tailored to their needs and will give them the best possible chance of performing strongly in the exams.

Contact me
Please contact me using the form, or give me a call on 07932304438 to discuss your child’s needs. I will be happy to work with you.