AS and A-Levels

AS and A-Levels tutoring in Science and Maths
AS and A-levels are the most academically rigorous studies facing school-age youngsters and the grades achieved are still the criteria most UK universities consider when considering applicants. The demands on students are understandably high. Maths and Science particularly require a focused set of study skills, as well as a sound grasp of the fundamental principles of the subjects.

My private home tutoring can provide this skill set through one-to-one home tuition in a relaxed, supportive environment. We will work together on a personalised approach that is tailored to the learner’s specific area of need in these subjects.

Exam preparation
A levels are specific and focused, requiring an in-depth knowledge of the subject area. Assessment is largely by written exams. I can help your learner keep on top of the demands of the Science and Maths curricula so that they approach the exams with confidence and are equipped with a useful set of skills and strategies to maximise their performance.

“Tutoring has definitely helped me a lot. I gained a better understanding of maths and became a lot more confident “

Contact me
Please contact me using the form, or give me a call on 07932304438 to discuss your child’s needs. I will be happy to work with you.