The decision to get a private tutor can be daunting. There is the extra time commitment, as well as the financial concerns. And of course, do you even really need one?  Tutoring can help with myriad things, and identifying your needs comes first! 

Some students, especially at the Primary level, need help with the basics. School classrooms simply cannot provide enough individual attention for every student. Parents often struggle with the nightly homework fights, and may not understand how to help their child.

Other students get a good grasp of basic skills, and factual information, but have difficulty putting ideas into context. Perhaps they understand a Physics equation, but are not sure when to use it. Or maybe they can work out a formula, but don’t know what it means. These students do okay in school, but may lose motivation.

Finally, we have the top performers. These students tend to make As and Bs, but don’t always understand smaller details. This could be because there isn’t enough time in class, or that they just don’t “get” what the teacher is saying. Students like this just want the gaps filled, and it really boosts their confidence.

Each of these types of students can benefit from a tutoring strategy, but the strategies for each are going to be different. Needing a tutor is not a sign of weakness, but a sign that the student desires to reach their potential. Classroom teachers and parents don’t always have the ability or time to help, so a private tutor is there to bring out the best in a student.

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